Yousef Al-Anjeri

Yousef is the vice president of the legal affairs at Sikkitik

Yousef Al-Anjeri is Corporate Attorney at the International Counsel Bureau. Al-Anjeri holds a bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) from Kuwait University where he was a member of the Kuwait International Law Society and a board member for three consecutive years and was voted in as President of the Society in 2019. Al-Anjeri is a registered member of the Kuwait Bar Association.

VP, Legal Affairs

A vision-driven team with a defined mission

Sikkitik Team is a team of young professionals who come from different backgrounds, expertise, and genders to deliver on a defined mission; leading the society to welfare, prosperity, and growth.

We focus on bringing in open-minded, professional, and high potential people to lead by example the business community, society, and people.

We save no efforts in creating an internal environment that enables our people to flourish, grow, and achieve their goals. If you are interested in joining our team, complete Sikkitik Team Application Guide and click on the button below!

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Do you pay a financial compensation for Sikkitik Team members and what do you offer to them?

We do not offer a financial compensation for our team members - Sikkitik offers its team members a long-term value through an extensive practical experience where individuals take a critical role in the business decisions and practice business in a supportive professional environment. We offer a valuable business experience, access to a wide network of business individuals & institutions, and recognition amongst the business community. For further information, check Sikkitik Team Application Guide.

What does Sikkitik expect from its team members?

We are required to invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to deliver on the value we want to deliver to all the internal and external parties who are participating at Sikkitik Conference. That is why we expect our people to abide by the responsibilities mentioned in Sikkitik Team Application Guide

What are the qualities Sikkitik look for in a team member?

Besides having the required technical skills for the position they will be responsible for, Sikkitik expects its team member to be a humble & an open-minded person who respects others’ opinions & backgrounds, able to work in a flat organization & cross-functional team, and believe in people & youth empowerment, diversity, gender equality, and feminism. For further information, check Sikkitik Team Application Guide.

Other Sikkitik Team Members

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Founder & CEO

Talal Al Jadi

Talal is leading Sikkitik as the Founder & CEO

Chief Insights Officer

Mohammed Al Matar

Mohammed is heading Sikkitik Insights, the research and analysis arm of Sikkitik