Sikkitik Mentorship

Sikkitik Mentorship is a comprehensive business education tool that offers an integrated curriculum provided by specialized regional Mentors & Speakers who have demonstrated track records and the market knowledge.

  • Required technical know-how and practical knowledge for you to set up and expand your business
  • A simulation of the real business-life and project-based learning experience
  • Top notch specialized Mentors & Speakers with proven track records and regional market knowledge

Sikkitik Mentorship focuses on delivering the practical knowledge required for you to set up and expand your business in the form of workshops, consultations, and tangible value-based panels. Our Mentorship tool spans a wide range of business topics, including but not limited to business development & planning, financial modeling, building of a minimum viable product, branding, marketing, and legal.

Sikkitik Mentorship is carefully crafted to fit the different backgrounds, industries, and skill sets of our businesspeople. It is designed in a way that ensures the delivery of the maximum benefit and highest value to the recipients from the business community. It delivers concentrated increments of knowledge in each topic it tackles through focused sessions conducted by professionals who have a solid background in each of the tapped topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of questions people ask us most frequently

When is the first batch of Sikkitik Mentorship?

Q4 2020 - Sikkitik will start offering its Mentorship service at Sikkitik Conference, which will take place somewhere between October and December 2020. We want to deliver the highest quality and excellence for you to maximize the benefit and value extracted from your participation at Sikkitik Conference.

Is there a fee for the workshops and consultations provided by Sikkitik Mentorship?

Yes - Since we will start offering Sikkitik Mentorship at Sikkitik Conference, the admission fee of Sikkitik Conference will be inclusive of the fees of Sikkitik Mentorship offered at Sikkitik Conference. Again, we are not commercializing Sikkitik Conference, it is our contribution to the society. However, we want to make sure that the participants are eager to learn and want to maximize the value delivered to them by Sikkitik Conference. Sikkitik will launch a program to offer the opportunity for ambitious students and determined people to participate in and become part of Sikkitik Conference.

Are the agenda of Sikkitik Mentorship finalized?

No - Though we have finalized most of our plans for Sikkitik Conference and most of our potential Mentors & Speakers have confirmed their participation with us, we are continuously tweaking our offerings and programs to ensure the best experience and maximized value for the participants at Sikkitik Conference. Contact us should you have any feedback or suggestion. We are always happy to listen to you!

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Access to the full business value chain, including suppliers, vendors, investors, and talent

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Healthier ecosystem and sustainability for the business community and society

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