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Sikkitik Additional Services

Sikkitik has multiple additional services in its pipeline for other services beyond Sikkitik Conference and its offerings that will be announced later. We will keep you posted shall any of these services comes live.

  • Value-added services that benefit the full business value chain
  • Customer-centric approach in developing the services
  • Fits the different stages of your business cycle or career life

Sikkitik is continuously exploring offering value-added services that would benefit the business people and institutions in setting up, launching, and growing their businesses or climbing up the ladder of their careers. We take a customer-centric approach in all our services and offerings to ensure maximizing the value we bring to our clients and the satisfaction of our customers.

Sikkitik is happy to listen to your feedback on its services. Whether you were a business person or not, we appreciate the time and effort you will put to provide us with your comments or suggestions. Contact us should you have any feedback or comment.

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A comprehensive business tool to deliver the practical knowledge required to successfully launch and grow your business

Required technical know-how and practical knowledge for you to set up and expand your business


An active business community that enables its members to construct profitable relationships together

Access to the full business value chain, including suppliers, vendors, investors, and talent

Code of Conduct

An all-inclusive code of conduct to level up the standards of conducting business in the region

Healthier ecosystem and sustainability for the business community and society