Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The Privacy Policy (the "Policy") includes all necessary information about user's use of (the "Website") by Sikkitik ("We", "Us", or the "Company"). That includes data collection, data use, information processing and sharing, payment processing, and other relevant policies concerning the Website and your use for it.

2. Data Collection and Use

Sikkitik collects multiple user data. That includes but not limited to name, mobile phone, email address, social media accounts, and bank account information. We collect, use, and share this data in different ways. That includes but not limited to contacting user, marketing purposes, and payment processing. We store this data in multiple formats. We save this data securely on third-party cloud servers like Google and Microsoft.

3. Privacy Policy Amendments

Sikkitik reserve the full right to change and amend any or all parts of the Policy at anytime without an obligation to notify you or obtain your consent.

4. Adherence

By viewing or using the Website, you accept the Privacy Policy and fully adhere by its conditions.