Hashim Behbahani

Designing Customer-Centered Products

Hashim is building on the Lean Startup methodology by teaching participants how to understand customers needs and deliver products that are built with theire needs and preferences being at the center of the product.

COO at Coded

Hashim Behbahani

Hashim Behbahani is an entrepreneur and businessman who has established multiple startups, in which he has experienced failure and success. Hashim is a Co-Founder and COO at Coded, the first coding education company in the MENA region. Coded has launched Barmej, an online Arabic-speaking coding education platform, and partnered with MBRGI to teach coding to one million Arab around the world. Barmej has reached 220+ K subscribers.

  • +9 years of relevant experience
  • Demonstrated track record
  • Regional market knowledge

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