Athbi Al Mutairi

Data Driven Business

Athbi is emphasizing on the role of data in driving the business to success by laying down the foundation of data analysis, and teaching how to structure, analyze, and turn data into input for business decisions to maximize the value of decisions outcome.

CEO at Mojaz Inc.

Athbi Al Mutairi

Athbi Al Mutairi is a self-taught programmer who has established multiple data driven startups, including Kuwait Reader and Mojaz Inc. Athbi has successfully exited Kuwait Reader by selling it to Senyar Group, a Kuwait-based media entity. Mojaz Inc. has achieved 750+ K downloads and 100+ K monthly active users. Al Mutairi is also working on Goya, a data mining business to study, analyze, and understand people’s behavior, reactions, and motives on the social networks.

  • 12+ years of relevant experience
  • Demonstrated track record
  • Regional market knowledge

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