Additional Topics

Additional Topics to Be Announced Later

Planning for additional workshops and panel discussions that cover following topics, including sustainability and corporate social responsibility, negotiating better terms, business with government, and a few other topics to complete the comprehensive learning experience and value offered by Sikkitik Conference.

Sikkitik Conference

Additional Topics

We are planning to add more topics by similar Mentors & Speakers to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for our participants at Sikkitik Conference

  • Relevant experience
  • Demonstrated track record
  • Regional market knowledge

Mentors & Speakers

Get a glimpse on our Mentors & Speakers and their topics

CEO at Faith Capital

Mohammad Jaffar

Mohammed is guiding entrepreneurs in appealing to investors

Chairman at GFG

Fahed Boodai

Fahed is explaining the dynamics of a niche market


Ahmad Alhashemi

Ahmad is helping you identify the role of technology in your business

Senior Manager at EY

Mariam Al Duwaisan

Mariam is teaching participants the underlying concepts and drivers of the different valuation methodologies