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Sikkitik Conference focuses on delivering the best quality of business education through its Mentors & Speakers. We are collaborating with leading regional professionals who have acquired an extensive knowledge, a wide set of technical skills in their respective fields, and high ethical and professional standards to share what they have and benefit the people who want to take on the journey of business.

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Mentors & Speakers

Get a glimpse on our Mentors & Speakers and their topics

COO at Coded

Hashim Behbahani

Hashim is teaching participants how to develop a customer-centered product

Partner at ICB

Abdullah Alharoun

Abdullah is teaching attendees about the legal business environment

CEO at Faith Capital

Mohammad Jaffar

Mohammed is guiding entrepreneurs in appealing to investors

CEO at myU

Bader Al Essa

Bader is advising participants on socializing the business

Chairman at GFG

Fahed Boodai

Fahed is explaining the dynamics of a niche market

CEO at Mojaz Inc.

Athbi Al Mutairi

Athbi is emphasizing on the role of data in driving the business to success

Undersecretary at MOCI

Nasser Al Mutawa

Nasser is pitching the Kuwaiti government efforts in restructuring the ecosystem of business in Kuwait

Co-CEO at The Taken Seat

Abdullah Al Mutawa

Abdullah is discussing business exits by giving a view on how to prepare for an exit

Senior Manager at EY

Mariam Al Duwaisan

Mariam is teaching participants the underlying concepts and drivers of the different valuation methodologies


Ahmad Alhashemi

Ahmad is helping you identify the role of technology in your business

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Additional Topics

Sikkitik is adding more topics to complete the comprehensive learning experience and value offered by Sikkitik Conference.