FAQs about Sikkitik

1. What is Sikkitik?
Sikkitik is a private equity and venture capital that invests our shareholders money. However, we are postponing investments in the meantime. We currently operate Sikkitik Broadcast, Sikkitik Conference, and Sikkitik Consulting. We are also building our team and looking for partners to partner with. You can read more about our operating arms here or join our team here.
2. What does Sikkitik invest in?
We invest in a wide range of industries. Our investments could be homegrown concepts as well as external ones. However, we have not yet launched our investments arm. Our investment activities are postponed in the meantime, and our investment criteria should be published and announced later.
3. How can Sikkitik help me as a businessperson?
We designed a comprehensive integrated business solutions package that brings significant value to businesspeople. We provide the practical know-how and market insights, access to value-chains, and funding. We offer that through our operating arms. That includes Sikkitik Broadcast, Sikkitik Conference, and Sikkitik Consulting. While not all of our activities are up and running at the moment, we can explore with you other solutions when we have the conversation with you. We will do our best to provide you with what you need once we establish the communication with you and explore your case. You can reach out to us via our communication channels here.

FAQs about Sikkitik Conference

1. What is different about Sikkitik Conference from other business conferences?
Sikkitik Conference adopts a practical approach for business conferences. It offers tangible value for participants through a workshop-based setting and panel discussions that discuss business from a pragmatic angle. You will not hear the Mentors & Speakers sharing their success stories and how they made it. Instead, you will attend case studies, listen to practical business lessons, embrace failure and trial, and roll your sleeves to build a comprehensive prototype of your business. Read more about Sikkitik Conference here.
2. When is Sikkitik Conference taking place?
Sikkitik Conference was initially planned to take place in November 2020, but the pandemic hit us and we had to schedule it for another time. We are doing our best to bring it to life in somewhere around Q4 2022. However, Covid-19's pandemic shook people, businesses, and the world hard. We are making sure that people and businesses have recovered and that individuals can connect together without burdens before we make our debut. Finalized plans should be announced and communicated later. In the meantime, we invite you to join our organizing team for Sikkitik Conference here.
3. What does it take to participate in Sikkitik Conference?
We believe that participants are the most critical part of any successful conference or event. Therefore, paying the ticket fee only does not guarantee you a place at Sikkitik Conference. You have to be dedicated, professional and ambition enough to participate at Sikkitik Conference. Sikkitik Conference is one of the cornerstones for building our community. We bring Mentors & Speakers from the best caliber, create invaluable experience, and prepare a global-standards setting for our participants. We put twice that effort in our screening and vetting process to ensure even better quality participants at Sikkitik Conference. Our vetting process is based on merit and does not focus on a specific gender, social class, or financial position. We want you to engage with like-minded people, who work effortlessly to unlock their potential and arrive at their destinations. You can inquire more about Sikkitik Conference by contacting us here.
4. Is there a ticket fee for Sikkitik Conference?
Simple straight answer is yes. But we are not commercializing Sikkitik Conference. We are giving people who should not pay the ticket fee such as students and people from a lower-income-class the chance to explore the full experience of Sikkitik Conference. We believe that Sikkitik Conference is a form of practicing our social responsibility towards the society and community as Sikkitik. Having said that, Sikkitik is contributing the ticketing profits to value-added charity activities as a contribution made by Sikkitik Community. Sikkitik is launching a sponsorship program to sponsor students and people from a lower-income-class. And for people who are going to pay, the ticket fee should relatively be fair to the value promised and delivered by Sikkitik Conference.