Graphic Design and Video Production Creative

We are looking for a people-focused, creative, and sharp and Graphic Design and Visual Production Intern to help us up level our visual communication and tell impactful stories at Sikkitik.

Part Time


As a Graphic Design and Video Production Intern, you will be producing visual assets and video productions to help us visually communicate with people we serve at Sikkitik.

What you will do

  • Producing people-focused visual assets, video productions, and graphic designs for presentation decks, social media, and other communication channels
  • Assisting in designing the art and visual direction of the visual communication of Sikkitik
  • Improving the visual communication and social media profile layouts of Sikkitik
  • Establishing a flexible guide for internal and external people for the visual communication and branding implementation of Sikkitik

What you will bring

  • Creative design and visual communication style with a personal drive for visually communicating with people
  • Art of storytelling and crafting visual messages that are relevant to the people we serve and communicate with
  • Design-for-purpose approach with a focus on the bigger picture and relevancy of the message to the people we communicate with
  • Graphic design and video production skills

What you will get

  • Experience in different business and technical functions, including visual communication, public relations, graphic design, and video production
  • Opportunity to head visual production projects and execute your direction and vision
  • Acquire and develop a set of skills, including storytelling, visual communication, and graphic designing
  • Acquire new business connections and work in a people-first environment and enabling culture
  • One time financial compensation

Hiring Policy and Process

We know that the hiring process is vague in most organizations. We do our best to avoid that and provide you with a clear, transparent, and smooth hiring experience with Sikkitik. Below, you should find all the helpful information you need to know about our hiring process. 

What we look for in our next colleague

We are a merit-based organization. We care about you as a human being, how you behave with people, and your attitude towards work. We are interested in your perception of life, your open mind, and the diversity you bring to our workplace. Your business and technical skills are essential, but being human comes first.

Application submission and review

Once you submit your application, we will conduct our internal assessment and review your application. We usually review the applications of candidates within two weeks of receiving them.

Invitation to the first interview round

Once your application passes the first vetting process, we will invite you to the first interview round. Based on the interview's assessment, we will share with you the hiring decision within two weeks of the interview's date.

Special cases

In some cases and for some positions, we shall have multiple interview rounds with you. This case usually applies to sensitive and advanced career positions. 

Hiring assistance

Our team is available to answer your questions about the hiring process and available positions. We would be happy to assist you in clearing your concerns and submitting your application at Sikkitik. You can reach out to our team via one of our contact options here.

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Behavioral Evaluation

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Business Evaluation

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