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Sikkitik Broadcast sauccessfully launched Life During the Pandemic's podcast on Instagram during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It featured 65+ businesspeople from startup founders and SME managers to corporate and bank executives. It covered a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, fintech, banking, asset management, real-estate, healthcare, jewelry, food and beverages, and tourism.

Sikkitik Broadcast's Life During the Pandemic featured Mazin Al Nahedh, Ex. Group CEO of Kuwait's second largest bank, Kuwait Finance House, Faisal Sarkhou, CEO of MENA's 8th largest asset manager, Kamco Invest, Lama Al Fadala, CEO of Kuwait's leading private healthcare provider, Taiba Hospital, and Basil Al Salem, Chairrman & CEO of the region's leading F&B operator, Gastronomica. Additionally, Sikkitik Broadcast featured top regional executives like Fahed Boodai, Vice-Chairman & CEO of Securities House, Musaed Al Hajery, CEO of M. N. Hajery, Manaf Al Hajery, Ex. CEO at Kuwait Financial Center (Markaz), and Fahad Al Sharekh, Managing Partner at Techinvest.

In startups, Sikkitik Broadcast featured figures like Ali Abulhasan, Co-Founder & CEO of Tap Payments, Hamad Al Judai, Founder & GM of Zyda, Athbi Al Mutairi, CEO of Mojaz Inc., Abdulaziz Al Loughani, Managing Partner at Faith Capital & CEO at Floward, Bader Al Essa, CEO at myU, Anwar Al Refai, CEO at P5M, Dalal Behbahani, Founder of World of Naz, Ahmad Al Matrouk, Founder & CEO of Numou, and Mohammad Jaffar, Vice-Chairman & CEO of Faith Capital and CEO at Justclean.

While the SME's featured businesspeople included Bibi Hayat, Creative Director of Bibi Hayat Events & Design, Dalal Al Sharhan, Founder of DAL Studio, Talal Al Nafisi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC), Abdulaziz Al Turaiji, CEO at TABCo Food, Rakan Al Fadhalah, Co-Founder of Chocolateness, Ayman Al Ruwayeh, Founder of Tasaweeq for Marketing Consultations, Bashar Al Salem, Principal Architect of Kayan Office, and Mohammad Al Salem, Co-Founder and GM of Chips.

For the complete list, visit Sikkitik's Instragram page here.

Some of the Featured Figures on Sikkitik Broadcast's Life During the Pandemic