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Learn by practicing, asking the right questions that come across your mind throughout the class, and engaging with like-minded professionals to expand your value beyond learning technical skills.


Discover the thought process of the region's most prominent business leaders and professionals


Expand your business thinking with proven approaches by the experts to build, scale, and maintain global businesses


Establish connection to the region's most influential business figures and like-minded professionals


Become part of Sikkitik Community with exclusive access to one of the region's most active networks

What you will learn in class

Understanding financial statements and their relationship together

You will understand the questions that each financial statement tries to answer and the dynamic relationship between them

Classifying accounts under the correct section in the financial statements

You will classify the accounts and items in the correct section and understand classifying new and accounts tailored to your business

Understanding revenue classifications, structure, and drivers

You will understand what classifies as revenue from the income and cash inflow you generate, structure your revenue model, and incorporate its value drivers

Understanding cost classifications, structure, and drivers

You will understand what classifies as cost from the expenses and cash outflow you incur, build your cost model and structure, and incorporate its value drivers

Forecasting one year of revenue and cost for the business

You will forecast one year of revenue and cost for your business case after understanding and structuring the revenue drivers and models

Applying financial modeling best practices

You will apply financial modeling best practices

What you should have before class

Strong Business English language

You should understand, speak, and write in solid Business English, especially financial terms

Laptop with Microsoft Excel installed

We recommend you have a Windows OS laptop to have a better experience with Microsoft Excel

The presence of your mind and energy

We need you to be present with your mind at the class and come in with your energy to learn and add value to the classroom

Eagerness to learn and grow

You should be eager to learn and grow out of your comfort zone, especially if you are a totally beginner to financial analysis & modeling
Registration for class

You will register for the class by filling the application here or clicking the join button. The class will be offline, with limited seats, and the registration closes on Saturday, October 23, 2021.

Application review

Once we receive it, we will review your application to ensure the best class mix and maximize your value from the participants' engagement inside the class.

Payment confirmation

You will receive a payment request and confirm your payment for the class fee. The class fee is KWD 59.9.


You will attend the class on Sunday, October 31, and Monday, November 1, 2021. The class will be for two hours after working hours each day, and we will communicate the location and schedule later.

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