We enable people to change their reality and unlock their potential.

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Sikkitik is atypical business entity that addresses the different challenges our society and business environment face. We drive economic and social change where we operate and beyond by building an active business community that impacts the average person's life.

strive for


We carefully consider our people, partners, and clients in all aspects of our business. We adopt a client-centric approach in designing and delivering our products, services, and messages.

focus on


We bring-in the highest caliber of talented, dedicated, and qualified professionals. Gender and age do not count: experience, mindset, and attitude are all what matter for us.



We embed a culture of ownership and accountability across the different levels of the organization. We allow our people to learn from failures and achievements in a safe environment.


Think big

We are global in our thinking, personal in our approach. We design our products and services around people. We go beyond our potential. We do what we do for a reason.

Meet the team

We are dedicated to building a diverse team — in all senses of the word. And in the spirit of our behavior of radical candor: we are not there yet. But here is how we are doing so far.

Talal Jadi

Founder & CEO

A business professional who is passionate about finance, investments, and entrepreneurship, as well as social development. I have developed a variety of skills at leading ventures like McKinsey & Company, NBK Capital, Jumla, Coded, Tap Payments, and Prismic Media.

Mohammed Al Matar

Chief Insights Officer

A business professional who is interested in Finance, Risk Management, and Economic Analysis. I have developed a variety of skills from various experiences in the financial sector, primarily working as a financial risk analyst in the banking industry.

We envision a world where every individual can take the path they choose for their life, empowered by a network of businesses that enable the individual to prosper in their journey and arrive at their destination. Because the basis of sustainable society is a thriving, independent, and creative individual.

Sikkitik is a mindset, lifestyle, and way of thinking utilized to unlock people’s potential and promote society’s welfare by driving economic and social change where it operates.

We are built around meritocracy, diversity, and inclusion. We enable our team to thrive and prosper within a supporting, dynamic, and agile environment. We learn through trial and error. We grow by engaging ourselves in valuable experiences. We shape the people's future by building an entity that stands out for generations to come.

Working for a cause: building people

  • People-first environment
  • Purpose-driven work
  • Diverse culture
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Employee Share Option Plan